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7 Best Tips to Convert Easily on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace is an e-commerce platform where various Walmart users, mostly third party sellers, can sell their products online. Given the fact that it has a customer base of around 97 million active customers , selling there would mean your product will reach more people. However, given the fact that it gets 454 thousand visits per day , merchandising your products to make sure they are visible becomes harder because of the many other sellers who are also trying to sell their products. If you are new on this website and do not know how to convert easily then continue reading these tips below for some useful advice that could save you time and money.

1)   Structure Your Pricing

The average price on Walmaret on Marketplace is $18 . Of course, it varies according to the product but no matter what you are selling, always structure your pricing. For example, if you are selling shoes try different prices like $34.99 , $24.95 , $44.96 etc . This will vary the price so that customers don’t get bored with seeing the same price each time. Plus, Walmart automatically adds tax for its shipping fee which is around 10%.

2)   Optimize Your Title

Since people mostly see titles before they visit a product page, make sure your title is unique and appealing so that they click on it to check out what other things you have in store for them.

3)   Use Keywords Effectively

Using keywords is one of the most important factors in SEO services. Make sure you are using them effectively in your product titles, descriptions, bullet points and metadescriptions. The more keywords you have the more chances are that Google will recognize your product.

4)   Optimize Your Bullet Points Wisely

While writing your bullet points make sure they are both informative and engaging to draw customers’ attention. Use descriptive words so that it gives a sense of what the products actually do or have inside.

5) Keep Inventory High For Better Results

Always keep your inventory high because even if you sell one pair of shoes out of 100 when someone searches for it, they won’t give up looking for it until they find where to buy it from. Plus, this increases the chances of people seeing your product on the lists.

6)   Sell In Bulk When Possible

Always group your products according to the size of the package they come in. This will effectively show that you have a lot of quantities available if they choose to buy from that particular group. Plus, more packages also mean a bigger discount which is a plus for the customer.

7) Keep It Updated And Organized

It’s always beneficial if you keep everything organized and updated especially with your inventory numbers because it makes it easy for customers to see if something is out of stock or not. Also, update your descriptions regularly so that there are no mistakes when people read them. Adding helpful widgets like a review widget will also help your customers see the feedback of past customers.