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Auxiliary electric heater is a typical electrical conversion to thermal energy

Auxiliary electric heater is a typical electrical energy conversion to thermal energy. Here, let’s tell you about its circuit principle and the component problem of heating system. Electric heater is a power consumption energy to heat energy to heat the material to be heated. The low-temperature fluid medium in the work enters its input opening through the pipe, along the electrical heating container inside the electric heating container, using the path of the fluid thermodynamic principle design, and takes the high temperature heat generated in the electric heat element. The temperature of the heated medium is increased, and the electric heater outlet obtains a high temperature medium required for the process. The internal control system inside the electric heater automatically adjusts the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor signal of the output, uniform temperature of the medium temperature of the output port; when the heat generating element is over temperature, electric space heaters the independent superheated protection device of the heat generating element immediately cuts off heating. The power supply avoids the heating material over temperature causes coking, deterioration, carbonization, and severely causes the heat generating element to burnout, and effectively extend the life of electric heater. Compared to general fuel heating, electric heating can achieve higher temperature (such as arc heating, cold hot water auxiliary electric heater price, temperature up to 3000 ° C), easy to achieve automatic control and long distance control of temperature, (If the car electric heating cup) can maintain a certain temperature distribution by the heated object as needed. Electric heating energy is directly generated inside the heated object, thereby high heat efficiency, fast heating speed, and can achieve overall uniform heating or local heating (including surface heating) according to the process required for heating, and can easily achieve vacuum heating and control atmosphere heating. In summary, the original question of the auxiliary electric heater is the case, I hope to help you, if you have other questions, you can call the company, we will answer your questions.