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Development status of five-axis CNC machining turntable in the industry

In the five-axis number, the flat end mill is selected, and the machining time can be greatly reduced in the case of a messy mold processing appearance. The principle of the five-axis machining center is also applicable to the side milling process with viewpoint appearance, eliminating the rib shape texture caused by the spherical milling processing, so that the external quality of the mold is more negative, and the demand for molding is increased to increase the amount of artificial milling and technical work.

After five-axis machining skills, the workpiece is handled in a multi-time debug card, but not only the time is shortened, which Precision CNC Machining is the error of the episode. Also greatly decline, the large cost of the tooling fixture required when the device workpiece is also saved, and the machine tool also has the machining of the messy parts, such as the drilling, taper processing, cavity contact, etc. They are not unable to do in a traditional way. So what is the status of the five-axis CNC machining center in the industry? Currently, more demand for CNC machine tools in the demand for the rapid development of my country’s national economy and the demand for national defense construction. CNC machine tools are the performance of national manufacturing levels. The high field of machine tool manufacturing industry is the five-axis machining center system, which indirectly reflects the national industrial development level. The five-axis machining center system has an important influence in the aerospace scientific research precision instruments and other industries. At present, the five-axis machining center system is considered to solve the technical system for processing impeller, blade, marine propeller, large generator rotor, turbine rotor and other processing.