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How to Prepare for Google Page Experience Updates

Perhaps one of the most significant changes to search engine optimization (SEO) methods comes when search engines such as Google make updates to their algorithm. Considering that the algorithm is at the center of all SEO tactics, it’s only natural for many companies to make a mad dash to accommodate the newest changes. The Google Page Experience is the newest to start rolling out, which could potentially mean big changes for most companies and online stores.

A shift in the algorithm means potentially big significant changes to how the algorithm finds and ranks websites. In the case of Google Page Experience, it’s all in the name. Online user experience has always mattered when it comes to building a following online, though it is now much more crucial than ever before due to the upcoming changes to the way the algorithm works.

Those companies that have already made an effort toward the user experience (UX) are in for a treat, as their sites are likely to be the first to benefit. Fortunately, a push to improve the online user’s experience is never a bad thing, and even the newest company owner can get the job done. Here are some ways to help prepare!

Keep the loading times as slow as possible

Page speed might not seem like a big deal for most, but many online users cannot stand a website that loads much too slow. There are plenty of reasons why a website might be running slowly. It could be the file size of images on a particular page, or perhaps the number of widgets currently running on the company website. No matter the case, it would be a good idea for any company to look into page speed as one of the most essential parts of improving the user experience.

Simpler is always better

The minimalist mindset is one of the most essential parts of optimizing a website. Most web developers consider it to be a win-win situation, as it means less work for better results. Even a startup owner can take advantage of the situation by trying to keep the website as simple and as professional as possible. In a lot of ways, it’s similar to keeping a supermarket organized. Carefully labeling everything and ensuring that the products are easy to find is the ideal solution, and the same thing goes for web optimization.

Keeping things simple is undoubtedly one of the best ways to help a company website grow. Even an online storefront benefits greatly from web optimization centered on the minimalist mindset. The Google Page Experience update is all about an improvement of UX, which means web optimization is king.

Pushing for accessibility with the Google Page Experience

Aside from trying to keep the website optimized, there are quite a few more things a company can do to help improve its standing in the upcoming Google Page Experience. For example, if a business makes use of video content for marketing (which most companies do), the addition of caption software can benefit companies quite a bit more than people realize. It’s all about making the push for accessibility and making sure that inclusivity is a part of the company’s plan.

Even a bit of inclusivity can go a long way, as adding translations to video content can open things up for a new demographic. The same goes for audio descriptions for the visually impaired. Even something like adding braille to print/traditional marketing can result in a positive change thanks to the accessible mindset. It is especially useful for Google Page Experience, as accessibility is undoubtedly a big part of how the update will work. While the inner workings of the algorithm remain unknown, what clues Google has given points toward a satisfying online user experience as one of the main factors.

Aside from the best-practice methods above, do not forget to make good use of SEO agencies to help the company build a sizable marketing strategy. SEO strategies can help businesses learn all about taking advantage of the search algorithm, while simultaneously helping company owners build a following over time. It would also help to use web design specialists, as they are experts at prioritizing the user experience over everything else. With the Google Page Experience update coming, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead!